The Millennium Development Goals Or Million Dollars Game

The United Nations Organization announced Millennium Development Goals. All the ministers of the Third world were very glad over the scheme of the United Nations Organisation. Their happiness knew no bonds .That seemed natural as they were to get the financial assistance from the world body. I joined them in their pleasing moments and could not help praising them.They were over- joyed.

I was there to cover the session. On seeing their boisterous laughter. It was natural for me to ask about the reason of the gaiety from the finance minister of my country.He looked at me in disgusting manner, thought me a damned fool and laughed at my ignorance. He asked me to repeat the question. I did so. Then he bursted into laughter AGAIN, clutched me from my wrist and took me to a side.

Seeing me awestruck and understanding my inefficiency, he yelled in a loud tone the pros and cons of the program. He also told that the world body had always helped them. It had providing assistance whenever they lacked money. He became a paragon of eulogy for the United Nations Organisation at that occasion.

I agreed with him wholeheartedly and added that the institution was set up for the very purpose of helping the poor and needy nations. The founders of the organization had founded it to spread democracy and equality in the world.

He nodded his head in strong agreement and aggrandized the role of The UN.He said the founders of that world body were worthy of worship. I was astonished over his exaggeration and again asked the cause of his chuckles. He once again started eulogizing the secretary general and the planning division of the United Nations Organisation. He replied that the secretary general of the United Nations Organisation was especially interested in the millennium development program. Being a wise person he understood our restlessness and declared the Millennium Development Goals. Upon the announcement of the disbursement of the funds to their country they had promised him a reasonable reward. The judicious and wise decision of the organisation would surely provide their party a chance to win the next elections.

I guessed myself that he was imagining the development of his country. That is why the public would appreciate his government and that might become a source of getting votes. In the meanwhile the names of the countries were announced officially and his country was included in the list. He embraced me and could not stop himself from expressing his amusement by dancing and divulging the interjection, Yahoo!

I was very much impressed by the devotion and patriotism of the minister. I was all praises for his loyalty and fidelity. I unconsciously said that he was the person country needed. He offered thanks and went away.

I was praising his emotions in my heart when he came back. He was holding a file and was unable to hide his chuckles. The first phase of the funds would consolidate their position and they would certainly win the elections, he once again told me. I agreed with him by nodding head.

That was the last session of the conference and all were to return the same day. I and Our minister were travelling in the same aeroplane. Luckily we got the seats side by side.For quite a time he kept mum but afterwards in a strange fit he whispered to me that the fund would be enough for their next generation. I was not ready to hear such a thing from him. I was entangled in the web of the thoughts and impulsively asked him how? He told me in a secret tone that I would also get my share, as I was sent by the state and was an eyewitness to the whole process. Nobody could devoid you of your share. If any body would try to become an obstacle in your way I would personally deal with him, he ensured me. We were going to divide them among ourselves and you would get your due share.

But these funds were meant for the Millennium development goals set forth by the United Nations Organisation, I inquired?

O innocent man! What would I call you except fool? These were not the millennium development goals but the Million Dollars Game for us.

We departed at the airport.After six months I was attending a press conference of the same minister who had become the Prime Minister!

UK Finance and Auditing Regulatory Bodies

The role of the regulatory bodies in the UK Financial dealings is very important. We cannot neglect their role in UK Finance. There are many regulatory bodies for UK Finance and Auditing. Some of them are mentioned here.

A non-governmental independent organization called the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is available in the UK. This UK Finance company is funded by the financial services industry. The policies, plans, and rules of the UK Finance company are transparent and open. It is funded by the companies that it regulates. The website of this organization has information for consumers on their rights and regulation. It also gives information on the financial products available. The financial services industry in the UK is regulated by FSA. They have enforcement powers and investigative powers. They have the power to regulate deposit taking, Insurance investments, and Mortgage lending and general insurance advice.

Financial Ombudsman Service is another organization the helps the customers to solve any UK Finance disputes with the financial firms in UK. Complaints about Banking services, credits cards, endowment policies, health and private medical insurance, mortgages, motor insurance, and National Savings & Investments can be done with the assistance of Financial Ombudsman Service. They also help you on complaints about savings plan and accounts, stocks and shares, and travel insurance. For more details on the types of coverage that is done by them you can visit their website. Before you approach them for resolving the issues it is better you complaint to the concerned organization first. If the problem is not solved by the organization then you can approach the Financial Ombudsman Service for assistance.

The public trust office is another regulatory body related to UK Finance that helps people to control their money and property. The audit commission is another independent regulatory body that is responsible for monitoring whether the public money is spent economically and efficiently. Effective spending is monitored in government services, housing and health services. Fire and rescue services and criminal justice services are also monitored for spending of the UK Finance. The audit commission works closely with the Deputy Prime Minister’s office, Department of Health and the National Assembly for Wales. They aim is to achieve excellence in their work. They support local democracy and public accountability. You can reach this office in Millbank tower, Millbank, London. Visit their website for the latest news and events.

Bona Vacantia is an organization that is responsible for administering the estates of person who die without any heirs. The assets of companies and trusts that have failed are also collected by the Bona Vacantia. They also provide assistance to companies and estates. This division does these works with cost effective casework. This work is done within the legislative and legal constraints. They work in business like manner. The dealing is mostly open and informative all through the case.

The National Audit Office is another regulatory body that monitors the public spending on behalf of the Parliament. This office is lead by the Comptroller and Auditor General. The taxpayer is saved by their work.